The Actors’ Agency – Part 3


Jacques, the aspiring actor, had a pretty mean hairdo and moustache. I wonder if this was perceived as cool and rebellious in 1960s France? I imagine him being cast as the cool younger side-kick of some streetwise old con man. Or as a jazz musician. Both generally had the same unsalutary reputations, so either/or will do.

This is another one of a series of file cards I have from a Parisian acting agency. The photos in the series are mostly from the 60s. Each card shows an actor in their best actory/actorish pose. Most show the applicant’s address and telephone number. The back of this card is totally blank, so one wonders if Jacques ever inquired why he never got any work?

None of the actors, in the cards I procured, ever made it big in the acting profession. The ones that did, were too expensive for me to buy!

There are some more great photos in this series, so keep watching for more updates!



    • And maybe, ever so slightly creepy? Thanks for commenting Ms Camouflaged Mouse of the Sands. (I always think of you as being an elegant tiny mouse of the same colour as sand but only because you use the pseudonym dune mouse, I hasten to add!)


    • The word ‘beatnik ‘ popped into my head, but I thought it was a particularly American societal trend , so went for Jazz dude instead. Having said that I totally agree with you. How are you Markus?


      • I’m really not in that, but ‘beatnik’ (and I have no idea where it started) I would associate with french (and american) protest literature of the early 60s which overflowed in music as well.
        I’m fine, but I wish I would have more time for photos and the blog. Lot of travelling in the last month (unfortunetly for busuness reasons and not for fun 😀 ). But it okay, I don’t wanna complain. 🙂 How are you, Kate? Hope everything is running well!


  1. Glad you are back Kate! Pity Jacques hasn’t made it, I think he had potential. It could be that there was no role for him at the moment.

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    • He definitely had and a face that would have translated well to the screen. He may well have done lots of small roles but I guess only a very tiny number of actors ever make a living from it. That is our loss, as I know several talented actors who threw in the towel out of hard economic necessity.

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  2. That’s a cool pic, and you could be spot on with your assessment.

    Hmmmm…actory/actorish… I wonder if those are real words… Well, maybe in KateLand.

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