Toledo, Ohio – Part 3



This is the third post of photos of the same young, beautiful woman, who I have named Ms Toledo. To read more of how she came to have that name and see more images of her, please click here.

Once again Ms Toledo is showing off a gorgeous, though somewhat precariously place hat and a fashionable hair style or two.

Most of the photos, including these ones, are approximately 38 x 44 mm in size.

  1. John said:

    I like the very last photo best. The hat seems a bit tiny. She is gorgeous. 🙂


    • Such is fashion. I guess she needed multiple pins to keep it on! I am a bit in love with her stylish gorgeousness myself. Glad you like her too. We have great taste, eh?


  2. Those eyebrows are so now! Aren’t they just? Or has that passing phase of face fashion already been and gone? Well, in that case, those eyebrows are so then!


    • I love a comment that makes me giggle, thanks Bryan! I cannot keep up with this whole eyebrow thing. It is kinda like saying big boobs or small boobs are fashionable. You are kinda stuffed if they just didn’t grow that way!


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