Toledo, Ohio – Part 4

photoboothToledo,Ohio06 1

This is the last set of photos of beautiful Ms Toledo wearing another selection of stylish hats. To read more of how I came to give her that name and see more pics of her, please click here.

As with the other images in this series, these photos are approximately 38 x 44 mm in size.

  1. John said:

    Best yet! The top hat looks like it has a Scotty dog on it. The last photo bottom right, piercing beautiful eyes. She was gorgeous and had great style. What year was this?


    • I was so desperate to finish a few posts that I didn’t notice her scottie dog millinery! Well spotted, John. I think the photos in this series might have come from the late 30s and finish in the mid 1940s. That is just a guess as none of them are dated.


  2. oglach said:

    An experiment for you to try, if you’d like. For each photo, cover one half of the person’s face and look at their eye; repeat on the opposite side; see if you can note a difference between the two, and wonder what they’re really thinking.
    Ms. Toledo seems quite happy and strong. Beautiful photos.


    • Cool experiment! I’ve never done that before. In the top two I’d say she was spacing out and not thinking anything at all. The bottom photos she seems very happy. I think she was thinking about what a pleasant day she was having. Yes, she seems to be a strong and confident woman.

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    • Yes! It is a Scottie dog, which is a terrier. We have one around the corner from us and he is a vicious little critter! 😊

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  3. Ms.Toledo looks like a very happy young woman. I wonder, if she was going to the photobooth on her own. She might not. If there were any pictures of her with a friend, they were obviously either kept or destroyed.

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    • Hi Inese, The ones she must have taken with friends or family are missing, however in my world, going to get photobooth photos alone is normal!

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      • Sorry, I didn’t mean it was not normal 🙂 I just thought that sometimes she might go with somebody too.

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        • No need to apologise, Inese, as a lot of people see my obsession with photobooths as not normal! 😊😊(But sorry I misconstrued your comment).

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          • It is OK. I just reread the comment and didn’t find anything strange in it 🙂

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  4. atrmws said:

    The Gross Photo Supply Company
    by atrmws

    The thing about the Gross Photo Supply Company was that in was neither in the business of supply nor gross. If anything, the photographs were self-collected and most definitely not gross. This woman is in the strong prime of her life. One can sense the energy filling her skin, she is radiant both without and within. I have christened her Joy on account of her sense of vigor and love. Someone’s life is lucky to be filled with Joy. She is ninety-seven now.

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