“Happy Easter”, Says Mario


Mario, my pal the taxidermy rabbit, doesn’t get out much these days, so he was delighted when I offered him a trip in my car, plus the honour of the starring role of Easter Bunny in this festively themed, photobooth photo.

Well, it was all fun and games for us, from the minute we left home. Mario chatted about what he hoped to get for Easter this year. I tried to keep focused on the road. Mario sang along to The Wiggles tune, Little Bunny Foo-Foo. I narrowly avoided squashing one of his relatives on the highway. Mario scoffed the last of the travel sweets. I spilt the last of the water down my blouse. You know, the normal stuff that happens when you go out with a dead rabbit.

Relieved to finally be at the photobooth, we proceeded to prepare for and compose each shot. Imagine our surprise when the prop egg he had given me, started to crack open to reveal a spritely Easter Chick inside!

“Lucky we didn’t boil that one for breakfast”, he quipped. “Yeah, lucky.”, I replied, as the chick gave me a hard peck on my nose and scarpered off into the mall.

  1. Mario looks a bit moth-eaten, but still, this photo series would make a great Easter card that I would definitely purchase and send to loved ones with a sense of humour! G

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    • Thanks! I used to be a self employed designer and publisher of greeting cards, so funny you should have said that. Mario is however, mortified that you think him moth eaten! He is sulking and off his food. 😝


    • Why? I guess cos I couldn’t afford a deer head. Mario has no body, so he hangs on my wall as a trophy of my big game hunting years. I can regale my friends about how I bagged the aggressive little blighter in a life or death wilderness struggle. Man against beast, don’t you know.


      • Mike said:

        I once found a mounted deer head in a bush outside a pawn shop. It was missing a nose, no kidding. I think some fool took it into the pawn shop and when they laughed at him for bringing in a deer head with no nose he must have become upset and walked out the door and tossed it in a bush. This was back in the day when I was in college. And yes, I might have been high but I was not hallucinating.

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  2. Ralph said:

    I love this post with the 3 of you celebrating Easter 😀

    Happy Easter Kate & Mario & the chick 😀 ❤

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  3. Lovely! Slightly moth-bitten but still charming Mario starring in the Easter photo session. Well done!

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    • Everyone thinks Mario is moth eaten. He has been very upset at those comments, as though it isn’t bad enough that he has been decapitated.


  4. A lovely set of pictures, and great comment, though I would expect nothing less. I’m interested in your use of the word “scarper” it’s very British and probably comes from Italian “scappare” to escape, and related to “scarpe” shoes. Of course the Romans were in Britain for about 400 years, so it’s not surprising there should be so much Latin/Italian in our language, is it. BTW Mario (is he Italian too?) doesn’t look moth eaten to me, he looks very handsome, I’m not so sure about the chick – I mean the yellow one.

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    • Great comment, Tony! ❤ I love the etymology. I’m pretty sure most of the Latin based words in English have less to do with the Roman occupation of Britain and more to do with the Norman conquest. My understanding is that the French court language of that time is responsible for most of the Latin based words we use. I didn’t know that scarpered was one of them and its history is very cool indeed.

      I’m glad you don’t think Mario (named after his Australian taxidermist) looks moth eaten. I loved the chick joke! ❤😊🐣🐰🐣


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