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22 March 2017

This strip is one which I took after doing my Easter photos for 2017. I wasn’t going to let a perfectly good Easter prop go to waste or miss an opportunity to take more pics. In order to get my choppers around this delectable morsel, I had to first remove my bunny cheeks and teeth. The ears fell off when I removed my hair-tie. I’m still wearing my beautiful pink eye shadow and eye-brows, making this Easter series slightly more than some photos of a greedy-guts scoffing some chocolate.

Happy Easter to everyone!

I think I might have gone a bit over the top, (some might say a bit mad), when making my Easter bunny mask and eyebrows. Stangely, even though the eyebrows are made with the same colour pink paper as the cheeks, (see below), they do not register the same way in the photo. Even after all these years, I am still struggling with working out the best colours and tones to wear to get the best results in black and white booths. A bright orange dress I was wearing the other day, read as black in the photos. That was a total surprise to me. I guess that means Orange really Is The New Black.

The photobooth where I took these strips, is in a suburb of Melbourne that is close to the hospital where my cardiologist has her consultancy. Though going to endless specialist appointments is tedious in many ways, if I can squeeze in a trip to an old fashioned booth at the same time, I am happier.

I hope you got a laugh from my photos. I sure did! Happy Easter to you all.

What’s Up Doc?

Germany 1930s

“Wave for daddy!”

This little boy is obviously feeling a bit overwhelmed by his encounter with a photobooth but is still relaxed enough to wave at the camera and  hold his toy gently. I guess it is possible that the wave was a precursor to a vocal plea to be let out of the strange box he had been deposited into, but I prefer to think that this was, overall, a positive experience for him.

I believe the bunny this lad is holding is made by Steiff, as it is just possible to see the trademark button in its left ear. It appears to be holding something in its paw but I cannot work out what it might be. I am also unable to find anything similar online, yet again! All ideas of what it is, are, as always, gratefully accepted.

Easter is coming, so this is the first of three rabbit themed posts I will be doing to celebrate.


Mario, my pal the taxidermy rabbit, doesn’t get out much these days, so he was delighted when I offered him a trip in my car, plus the honour of the starring role of Easter Bunny in this festively themed, photobooth photo.

Well, it was all fun and games for us, from the minute we left home. Mario chatted about what he hoped to get for Easter this year. I tried to keep focused on the road. Mario sang along to The Wiggles tune, Little Bunny Foo-Foo. I narrowly avoided squashing one of his relatives on the highway. Mario scoffed the last of the travel sweets. I spilt the last of the water down my blouse. You know, the normal stuff that happens when you go out with a dead rabbit.

Relieved to finally be at the photobooth, we proceeded to prepare for and compose each shot. Imagine our surprise when the prop egg he had given me, started to crack open to reveal a spritely Easter Chick inside!

“Lucky we didn’t boil that one for breakfast”, he quipped. “Yeah, lucky.”, I replied, as the chick gave me a hard peck on my nose and scarpered off into the mall.

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