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This type of novelty cutout was often seen in carnival photos throughout much of the twentieth century. More often than not, they were used in an onsite studio setting and printed as snapshots or photo postcards. In photobooth images they are very rare and highly sought after by collectors. This is the only one I have managed to procure in 12 years of shopping for collectables online. It comes from the USA.

A booth, located at a fair or carnival, would have offered a selection of boards from which to choose. The customer would have needed to hold the cutout, carefully positioning it to keep both the caption and themselves in frame. This choice seems slightly dodgy to me, given that the couple appear to be father and daughter, but maybe the woman is older than she appears to be?

The photo was once attached to an album page. There was no known provenance as far as the seller was concerned.

  1. oglach said:

    I thought it was a cute, sweet photo until you brought up the father/daughter thing. But I agree with northumbrianlight; the fella doesn’t look very happy, so the woman is most likely his wife :), or if we must take the sordid route, secretary. Great find, thanks for the post.


  2. I don’t think it’s his daughter, she is older than you think. He may be looking around to see where to look, and not unhappy, and he may be doing it to humor her. I’ve never seen one like this.


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