Serbians in Paris – 1966


I purchased this half strip of photobooth photos from an online seller based in Serbia. On the back is written Paris 17.12.66.

I was particularly attracted to this strip due to the broad, mirthful smiles on all three sitters but particularly by the  lady on the left’s expressions. I love the way her glance moves towards her friend in the second shot. There is something so cheeky and appealing in her two poses. I love her!

Once again, I also find some sadness in the fact that these photos have been lost to their owner. Death, broken relationships or accidental loss could account for it. The vicissitudes of life sadly toss us about and of course, it is no different for photos.

  1. John said:

    I too admire the same qualities you mention Katherine. Only God knows what happened to these folks. ❤️👍🏻

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    • I hope this photo was used as a bookmark and was accidentally passed to a new owner when the book changed hands. I want them all to be alive and well and enjoying their golden years with children and grandchildren in abundance!


      • I’ve used special favorites for bookmarks before. Thanks for reminding me, Katherine.


  2. Mike said:

    The vicissitudes of life, indeed.


  3. I love this strip so much! Isn’t it a young man in the middle? The ladies might be his aunties. Anyway, all three of them are having the time of their life.

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    • Yes, a young man. I like the thought that they might be his aunts, Inese. Gives me hope I might travel with my nephew someday!

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      • Wouldn’t that be great.
        These three enjoy each others company. When I had a second look, I noticed that the woman on the right looks a lot like the boy. If she is the mother, the other woman could be her sister-in-law. I love to make guesses about your photographs 🙂

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        • That is a great compliment, thank you Inese! I choose all my photos for the story behind them. You often find other interpretations and details. It makes blogging so much fun having input like yours. ❤️

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  4. I’d love to be in a photobooth with them. What a kick! Maybe, like someone we all know, the person putting their dollar in has lots of strips and split some up among friends. So don’t be sad… Think of how many people get to see them now.

    I was that age in ’66… A year out of college. Wonder what they are doing now?


  5. elmediat said:

    Moments in time – condensed into a strip, a tangible line of a poem dropped off the page. 🙂

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  6. António Marques said:

    Hard to believe it was 50 years ago…

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