About A Boy – 21 December 1959



This is part three of a series of photobooth strips of the same little American boy. My estimate is that he would be 9 or ten in these photos.

I wonder if the first strip was deemed unsuccessful, resulting in the second one being taken with a different background and a properly adjusted seat? I like the way the second strip shows a progression from not quite ready, to small smile, to bigger smile, to wide eyed grin. We can still see the cheekiness and spirit on show in previous strips, albeit slightly toned down.

Having been taken on the same day, he is wearing the same lumberjack coat in both strips. Being slow to pick up on fashion trends in those days, this style of boy’s clothing didn’t make it to Australia until the 1970s. It is a trend that is currently being revived in some retail outlets today. Blah! But I digress! It is interesting to me that with a less reflective background, his hair looks much darker and by adjusting the seat he looks older than in the first strip.

To see the other photos in the series, please click here.

  1. John said:

    Blah indeed! I remember the late sixties and that style being in style. I’ve seen photos of my dad on the golf course in the early 70’s wearing plaid pants! I can tell the boy looks just a bit older. These photos were taken exactly one year before I was born! He looks like a little dude with making trouble on his mind – maybe.

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    • I remember the plaid pants fashion. So ghastly to today’s eyes!

      I hope he has mischief in mind, but nothing too serious, mind you. A perpetually well behaved child is a squashed child in my opinion. A bit of rebellion is to be encouraged!


    • I like that his clothing style leads to thoughts of the King of the Wild Frontier.

      Thinking of the items in the link, isn’t all fashion now in the déjà vu category? Well, at least high street fashion is depressingly lacking in a jot of original creativity!


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