About A Boy – November 1958


This is the second in a series of photos of a young American having fun in a photobooth. I think he may have grown up to be an actor, given his love of performing for a camera and the range of faces he came up with in these two strips!

It is easy to imagine his mum or dad standing outside the booth encouraging him to play the fool. It is just as easy to think that they may have chastised him for his behaviour. Having said that, there is always the possibility that he passed the booth on his way to or from school and used his pocket money to make the photos. However, this is the least likely scenario as the photos have all been dated in an adult hand, not to mention that they are in much too fine a condition to have been part of a childhood collection.

This little boy appears in these strips in an outfit very similar to one that my brother wore around the same era. It is very much of its time and thus looks very daggy and dated. I am sorry eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. Bowties are not cool.


Sorry Doctor, they aren’t!

  1. John said:

    Bow Ties add a bit of nostalgia to an outfit. I’ve seen people wear them infrequently here. I’d not wear one though and can’t tie a tie knot anymore. Love this kid, he’s such a goof! He’s got a large range of emotions going on. ❤️

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    • Somehow his inner goof disappears as he gets older. Growing up sucks so bad, that I never bothered with it!


  2. maclancy1950 said:

    I think I have my second daughter due to a bow tie. Her father stood out in the crowd wearing a bow tie. IT caught my eye, the rest is history. You have a great eye and I really like this posting Katherine.

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    • I am addicted to them Tony but the oldies that I love so much are almost all gone. I use digital booths mostly these days but the quality of the images are quite poor, sadly.


  3. oglach said:

    The photos are great. The end of the post–the bow tie remark–even better. My wife and the creature are both Dr. Who fans. She’s trying to convince him that bow ties are cool. I’m trying to ensure the survival of my family name. You have my heartfelt gratitude for being the voice of reason.

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  4. Love his acting 🙂 I don’t think that his parents were watching him. I think that he was given the time in the booth to do what he likes, to be himself. He had loving and caring parents, it seems. A very happy boy.

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  5. elmediat said:

    Excellent. Another time and place, for those of us who have travelled from there, a smile and an ache springs united in recognition. 1958 was my fourth year, any memories are vague emotional currents stirring in the depths. 🙂

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    • I love your way with words, Joseph. Even though I was four years away from being born when these were taken, I feel it is close enough to my early years to experience the some of that same resonance. It is part of the reason I love old photos so much, that rising of emotions that are hard to define.


  6. Working back thru’ my InBox, I am falling in love with this little guy… who would now be eligible for me to fall in love with! 😉


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