Handsome Smiley Dude


Hi Mr Smiley!

I love this kindly looking and open faced gentleman. He is stylish, cool and no doubt fashionable for the era in which this was taken. I am thinking 1950s due to the format and finish of the pic, but wonder if it could actually be earlier?

He is sporting what I would call a matinee idol moustache. It reminds me of Errol Flynn’s but is slightly less prominent. And what does the well dressed man about town need to keep his presentation up to scratch? A comb, of course. You can see his peeking out of his breast coat pocket.


Oh, Errol!

This is a larger than usual photobooth photo which measures 63mm x 86mm, as opposed to the standard size of 40mm x 50mm. It comes from the USA.

  1. John said:

    Errol was a handsome dude. The other fella looks like one of those cool cats strutting the Strip, all jazzed up. 😬😋

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  2. very cool dude- and as a fan of old and older movies loved the “swashbuckling” Captain Blood! He died while visiting Vancouver BC.

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    • Hi Hanna, did he? That must’ve been hard for his family for him to die so far from California. And only fifty years old! So sad.

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      • He was in the company of an 18 year old girl apparently. He did write a funny memoir called “My Wicked, Wicked Ways!” 😀

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        • No surprise there! Yes, have heard of that book. Just missed seeing a doco about him. It will be repeated, no doubt!

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  3. elmediat said:

    Also known as a Boston Blackie ( Kent Taylor) moustache. 🙂

    Can not think of Errol Flynn without hearing Amanda McBroom’s song Errol Flynn. Th tone of the song fits quite well with some of the emotional resonances created by your photobooth collection – Tugging at the heart strings like flickering black and white images on a screen.

    In a hall, on a wall, in a house in Reseda
    There’s a poster held up by two nails and a pin
    It’s my Daddy, the actor, ’bout to die with his boots on
    He’s the man standing up there, beside Errol Flynn. ……..

    Now I’m sitting alone in a house in Reseda
    Watchin’ the Late Show as the moonlight shines in
    And up on the screen, well, here comes my Daddy
    It’s a sad, funny feeling, now I’m older than him.

    McBroom also composed The Rose, made famous by Bette Midler .

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