Fake Fur Fabulousness


I bought this photo from a gentleman in Serbia. As for the other two photos I have posted from the same seller, I hope this is a Serbian woman, or in the case of this having been taken in the late 1970s or early 1980s, (the most likely possible dates of the image) a Yugoslavian woman.

I was very taken with the look on this young lady’s face. The position of her poised hand, gently resting on her chin, gives her a quizzical, thoughtful appearance. This is intensified by the lovely, faraway look in her eye. I wonder if she chose this position to make sure her ring was captured in the frame? Her fake fur coat looks warm and cozy but not like any real animal I can think of, save for a hyena.

As with all my photos, I wonder how this little gem escaped its home and made it onto an auction website? Maybe this was given as a token of affection to a boyfriend; the one who gave her the ring, perhaps? And as relationships come and go, the owner may no longer have cared enough to keep the image. Unfortunately, we will never know, but she is loved and respected here at least.


      • Great! Then I must start to draw again today. The past few days have been a music adventure. I love music, and all the recordings, though it is all digital. I can hold it in my hands. Drawing on paper, is concrete, tangible. I think I am going to continue with People who became Icons.

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          • Wow , cool! Hey thank for all the views and feedback. I also drew 4 new images today. Great to have your eyes and encouragement. I am tired right now. I am saving a reply for your description on the cause for the Vampire myth. I am too tired to concentrate properly on it. Will do once I wake tomorrow. So cool that you have read on the subject. Till then!

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            • I have been a great lover of the macabre in fiction and non fiction since my teen years. Love a medieval torture dungeon (loads in the UK and France), killers that remove bits of their victims for souvenirs and best yet, killers who bake their prey in pies and sell them, so vampires just natural fit into that realm. 😀😄😊

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  1. oglach said:

    She’s a beauty for certain. Her ring caught my eye; I don’t know much about jewelry, but it looks unusual. Any idea what it might be?

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    • I think it might be a signet ring. Do you know the ones I mean? They used to be made to act as a seal when sealing wax was used for personal and official identification (etched in reverse relief) but in modern times are usually just for initials and they are etched as one would read them. If you get what I mean!

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      • oglach said:

        That’s what I thought, but I’d never seen one bbc in real life, only movies. Thanks!

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  2. Xraypics said:

    A beautiful lady but I bet she can give as good as she gets. Don’t mess with her.

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  3. maclancy1950 said:

    gorgeous lady and beautiful description!!

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  4. Hyena Hyena Laughing, Animal || sound effect – YouTube
    Vidéo pour “hyena laugh sound clip”▶ 0:42

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  5. That’s a good question. I’ve often wondered how photos end up at flea markets, online and in baskets in a store to buy. Especially tender ones.

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    • Lovely to hear from you Ted. Your fair photos have been fun. You must be exhausted what with work on top of all that!

      I imagine there are some scenarios where it is in response to the people no longer being known to a family, but I have heard many stories of relatives chucking out anything and everything that had no perceived monetary value. Luckily I have heard almost as many about photos being rescued from skips.


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