Teeny, Tiny Puppy


In this photobooth photo from 1930s Germany, you could almost miss seeing the tiny dog swaddled in a blanket. By the size and angle of the hand, it appears to me that this slightly nervous looking girl is not the one holding the petite pup. I won’t stand by that observation, as it could simply be an illusion of perspective created by the hand’s relative proximity to the camera, but it seems to be a hand too large to belong to such a small child.

The composition of this image is striking though, no doubt, unintentional. It nicely emphasises the diminutive size of both child and canine. I also like the fact that one can see the bottom of the backdrop curtain, a feature mostly obscured in early booth photos.

  1. therescuedphoto said:

    I love this image and your description. I would have missed the detail of the backdrop curtain if you hadn’t mentioned it. I was too focused on the girl and the puppy.

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  2. Tattered and Lost said:

    Charming and mysterious. Reminds me of a lot of truly fascinating shots that one particular seller has had the past few months on eBay, including one of a hand holding a snowball. This is of the same high quality content.

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    • Hi Ms Tattered. Yes, there have been some wonderful shots from Shesmidas. Strangely she and two other sellers seem to have come into possession of large lots of photos from the same collection. I suspect they came up at auction somewhere, in multiple lots.

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  3. Hmmm… I think she is holding the pup. How often do you see animals in photobooth pics?

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    • Not that often. Mostly they go for very high sums, Ted. This one didn’t have the word dog in the listing, so I got it for a song!


  4. elmediat said:

    Something about the image suggests Romanticism and pictorialism in the compositional qualities. A mixture of the subjects expression , the puppy and the negative space. 🙂

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    • . . . and there I was thinking it was just a snapshot! 😀

      I looked at the tarot cards of Crowley’s. Some of them reminded me of your images. Are you a secret satanist, Joseph? 😈😄


      • elmediat said:

        I did a few Tarot images on Dark Pines Photo. Actually I am an Existential Dadaist of the 5th Illuminatiy ( I will go up 5 steps on a ladder to replace a bulb – any higher than that and I am in the dark). 😀

        My latest post on Implied Spaces includes some photobooth style elements in some of the images. 🙂

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  5. Isabel said:

    Wow, very cool to find posts like this one. I agree with prior comments, there is a mysterious element to this photo. Maybe it’s the visual tension of the girl being off center and the large amount of white space… Just something you can’t put your finger on. So interesting to see old photos like these. Thanks for sharing it.

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  6. Kat said:

    I think it’s fascinating how much human behavior is picked up in old photographs, before people learned how to “turn on” for the camera

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  7. stuckinlove11 said:

    Wow that’s a amazing description and fabulous photo !!!!!

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  8. Amazing capture, we always want to see the human first in the picture and forget the cute animals who dwell amongst us.

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  9. dxbrxh said:

    An amazing photo, I always love to see the ‘normal’ people of history!

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