A Far Away Look


With tousled curls, topped with an almost completely obscured ribbon, this simple, yet elegant young woman has made a superb self-portrait. Whether deliberate or accidental, there is something of a Hollywood professional portrait to this photo.

Her gently pursed lips are sensual and painted in a soft cupid bow. Her head is tilted gently backwards and her eyes are directed toward the camera lense. She is aware of the viewer but disregards us. It is as though she is looking past the camera, past the technology that will process her photo, through the back of the booth and beyond. She is looking past us to a beautiful, far off horizon of youthful hopes and dreams. I hope those dreams were fulfilled. I hope she was loved and cherished, more than this wee souvenir that somehow escaped its rightful home.

From the USA, the photo is undated, however her hairstyle, the padded shoulders of her jacket and dark matt lipstick suggest this was probably taken in the era of the Second World War or shortly afterwards.

This photobooth image was a gift from my friend Ted. Many thanks to him! Ted is also a blogger who loves photos, photography and photobooths. Through those mutual interests we have become firm friends. He regularly surprises me with cards and photos, some of which I have already shared here. Other images from him, and of him, I will share with you next year.

  1. oglach said:

    Great photo of a truly naturally beautiful woman, and a quite poetic description from you. Thanks to you and Ted for sharing.

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  2. John said:

    She is so beautiful, sexy and mysterious all at once for me. I agree with the time frame and makes us wonder what became. ❤️

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  3. Your words are as beautiful as the image. Your second paragraph is just spot on. I think you are right about the era of the photo. I thought it was special when I saw it and knew you would too.

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    • Thanks and thanks again, Ted. Getting this gem in the post spurred me on to get some posts in before Xmas. I am grateful to you for that and all your other kindnesses. ❤️

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  4. maclancy1950 said:

    ah.. another winner! Ted has your number!!
    you have such a way with words!!

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  5. Xraypics said:

    I see a woman with a past who has made a clear decision to square her shoulders and walk away from it, looking towards the future, determined and probably resourceful with it. This picture marks a Significant Moment.

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  6. Love this one! It reminds me a little bit of your photo to the right, on this blog. Lovely!


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