Father Xmas Equals Merry Xmas*


Earlier this year at everybody’s favourite online garage-sale, I bid on the above Christmas themed photobooth photo. It wasn’t outrageously expensive, and my bid was a low one, so I assumed that I would not be successful. But, I was. Yay!

Over the years, I have bid on many Father Xmas booth photos without success, so I was ecstatic about my prize. When it arrived in the post, I put it away extremely carefully. Then, of course I couldn’t find it. Bah humbug!

I looked and looked and finally gave up. Then lo and behold, there it was sitting right in front of me! It was nestled in the corner of the frame of a larger photograph. I’m sure Santa was winking at me to get my attention. Having found him and his minuscule charge, it is indeed a Merry Christmas for me!

This photo is from the USA and probably dates to around the 1950s. To me he looks more like a European style Saint Nicholas, thinner and less hirsute than a big, round, bushy American Santa. The image was sold as a “Creepy Santa”**, but I do not find him so. I think he has kind eyes. His charge does have a bit of a “what the hell?” look on his face, but I think that is more to do with his mummy being out of sight, than fear of the big red fellow beside him.

* This is part two of three Xmas posts for this year.

** Like “Creepy Clowns” that is a thing, apparently.

  1. I don’t know… he looks a bit malevolent to me… like spiriting the tyke off to the North Pole to make toys for other little kids.


    • Well, you could be right there, Ted. Maybe he is a stalker? Afterall he knows when you are sleeping and when you are awake. He also knows if you have been bad or good and he sneaks into bedrooms where children are sleeping at night. It all adds up to a fairly creepy profile.


  2. Thinking back to my childhood, and looking very closely, I believe that may be a photo of the real Santa. What a bargain and Happy Christmas!


    • Thanks for the Xmas wishes, Bryan. And mine to you, too. Yes, that is the real Father Xmas for sure!!!


  3. Great picture, Kate. Nothing creepy about the poor Santa. Most of little children cry and make attempts to run away. It must be very stressful on the old man.
    Enjoyed all your posts today. Have a happy Christmas!

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