1. John said:

    So sweet, they are so sweet. I hope your favourite booth isn’t removed Kathrine. Feel well!!


  2. maclancy1950 said:

    great to see the outside of a boof! happy new year Katherine!

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  3. They are fun to find… maybe this will start a trend and you will be bombarded with strips from around the world, Kate.

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  4. I will try to remember to get a picture to send to you of a Paris metro phone booth on my next trip in July.
    (No promise. I will try to remember) 🙂

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    • Thank you! I generally have the same caveat when someone, who I know I will see infrequently, tells me their name. 😊

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          • Very scarce. Fact is my real (Breton) name is barely pronounceable outside of Brittany. Brian is supposedly a Welsh translation or equivalent which I have adopted long ago, outside of France. 🙂


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