Strata of the Self

Earlier this month I submitted a diptych of two complete photobooth strips to the curated, self portrait blog strata of the self. I was thrilled that they were accepted. They were published in a post this afternoon, which I have reblogged, below. Please visit and explore the many and varied self portraits in multiple mediums that you will find there.

A good place to start your perusal is the About page which explains the blog’s philosophy and introduces you to Ashley Lily Scarlett the artist-curator. Ashley also has a photography, writing and animation blog, Syncopated Eyeball, which is fascinating to dip into, as well as a photo-conversation site called Between Scarlett and Guest.

© Katherine Griffiths 2017 blog: Photobooth Journal

via Katherine Griffiths: Flinders Street 30 January 2017 — strata of the self

  1. These strips tell such a fascinating story. Not surprising at all to learn that they were picked up on Strata of the Self.


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  2. therescuedphoto said:

    Congrats! And also, thank you for introducing me to Strata of the Self.

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  3. How wonderful, and appropriate that you were her first photo booth strip. Now I have to find one of me.

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  4. You are hilarious and fun! I’m gonna put on lipstick just like that 😀 Hey, congrats on being featured!!

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    • I think the answer to that lies in Faces! Photobooth photos and police Mugshots are the only two forms of photography that exclusively focus on head and shoulders and therefore on the infinite variety of human emotion and expression we are capable of. (Not to mention the variety of different shapes of heads, brows, noses, mouths, eyes etc.)


  5. This is brilliant and you look fab in them all! Made me chuckle too (and absolutely loving your hair btw!!) x

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  6. Brett said:

    Kate, nice, fun series! The “strata of the self” blog (intriguing name, too!) is an interesting project and is new to me, so I appreciate you highlighting it.

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    • Yes, it is such an interesting blog and it’s title adds quite a bit to the way I approach the work there! Glad you found it through me, Brett. 😄

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