A Visit To London – 26 January 2003

26 January 2003, Leicestershire, UK

I took this photobooth strip at Leicester Station on my way to London to visit my cousin Rachel and her husband Mark.

This strip of photos comes from my series Photobooth 45 Year Project. The complete set of posts to date, can be seen in reverse order at the link Photobooth 45 Year Project (Archive) under the Categories heading in the side bar, on the right of this post.

Many of the photos in this long series are unremarkable. They make up a photographic album of my adult life, which gives me a lot of pleasure as I add each new photo to the collection. I also love the memories they bring back, when I write about them for this blog.

For those of you who are new subscribers or visitors to this blog, UK artist Dick Jewell made a video using photos from this project in 2012. It can be seen on Vimeo here.


  1. John said:

    Your a beautiful woman Katherine. 🔥❤ hugs from Las Vegas. 🔥☺

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  2. Aussie Lass in British Photo Booth:

    #1 ~ ‘I wonder if I have time to fix my hair before the camera goes off?’

    #2 ~ (between clenched teeth) ‘Shit, it went off!’

    #3 ~ ‘Gosh the lights are bright in this one.’

    #4 ~ ‘I wonder if I have another £ on me?’

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  3. David said:

    Katherine, I’ve checked in on your site from time to time, but just started following you. What a fun bunch of photos and stories! I wanted to share the one photo booth entry I have from one of my photo blogs, with my Dad from probably high school years in the late 1940s: https://familysalbum.wordpress.com/2014/02/02/dad-can-you-name-the-rest-of-this-gang/

    That’s him in the upper left corner. I never did get an explanation from him on who all the girls were. I probably know some of them, but wouldn’t know where to start.

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    • Thanks for the link David. I think that photobooth photo is a treasure! That larger format type isn’t very common an dit is full of wonderful details. I also had a snoop through your other photos. There are some great memories for your family there, but also a lot for a collector of vintage photos to appreciate.

      Thanks for commenting and for following. 😃


  4. Aw, your dimples, Katherine! Very fun how #1 and #4 show a serious side of you, and I enjoy how they frame the dimply Katherines 🙂 Lovely!!

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