Raymond Parker and Daddy (Sometimes) – 1961 to July 1966

1 December 1961

This is a long, extraordinary series of photos of a young American, Raymond Parker, from babyhood in 1961 to . . . well, we shall see. Many of the photos are dated but none indicate where they were taken. Some include a, mostly hidden, father, but generally Ray is on his own. There is a progression through his childhood and through changing fashions. There is one strip of a lone woman included with this group but no sign of a mother at any stage.

I do love a series of booth photos showing a person at different times in their life. This group is my largest collection of such photos.

Undated. Probably 1962


21 March 1964

28 April 1966

4 July 1966

9 July 1966

  1. Oh, my heart goes out to this lad. How good it would have been to know how he grew up.

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  2. roberta m said:

    Love this progression–I just want to keep seeing more! Great collection.

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  3. In my opinion, the very best pics of kids are taken when they are just busy being kids. No fuss, no muss allows anyone seeing those pictures to see their personality & character rather than how well they look when all decked out & dolled up. These photos are GREAT! Thanks K, well done my friend! 🙂 Hugz

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  4. What a wonderful series! It really reminds me of the 1960s in America, when I was growing up too. Pure speculation but I imagine the boy’s parents were separated or divorced and these photos were taken on special visits he had with his dad.

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