Crisis Of Confidence

I’m posting the back of one of the Ray “Parker” photo strips as Shayne from Captured and Exposed (a brilliant name for a photography blog that focuses on police mugshots!) is doing some research to see if she can find any information about him. I had a crisis of confidence about whether I had interpreted the handwriting correctly. I still see Parker but it could also be Porter, I suppose? What do you think?

  1. Mike said:

    Looks like Parker to me, but it could be a number of things including Porker, Pavher, and Parher.


  2. Yep. Parker it is! It’s interesting that the writer refers to himself as “Daddy.” That sounds to me like he’s from the south. Also interesting that he bothered to notate the back of the photos. Could it mean that he didn’t get to see his son Raymond very often and he wanted to be sure Ray had a record of the visits?


    • I wondered about that, too. The fact that he annotated every frame suggests he was going to cut the strip up to share with friends and relatives, I think. I wondered why that didn’t happen. This is the fourth strip by date order. Perhaps it was at this point he realised he had started quite a collection and he decided, belatedly, to keep them? Having said that, it could be, as you say, a chance Ray didn’t see his dad all that often. I need to double check to see that there is only two sets of handwriting on the photos. I’m assuming it was only “daddy” and Ray who recorded the dates. As to him calling himself “daddy” (presuming that it wasn’t another person who recorded the dates and names) would that really denote someone from the south? Is it unusual for a man in the USA to refer to himself as daddy, even if that is what a child calls him?

      Glad I didn’t get the name wrong! Thanks again for your interest Shayne.

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  3. I guess it also could be the case that Ray himself wrote these notations later. ?


  4. Xsi said:

    I see Parker


  5. I see Parker. Of course, there could be quite a few people with that name though.

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    • Thanks Catherine. I was hoping it would be confirmed as Parker in one way but you are right it is a common surname which makes finding anything more about Ray so difficult.


  6. oglach said:

    Looks like Parker, but now I’m wondering…could the man in the picture be Ray’s grandfather, the “daddy” of the person who wrote on the back of the photos? Perhaps Ray’s mother?

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  7. The last three does considerably look like ‘Parker’, but the first one beats me! 🙂

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    • They are presumably all the same word, but you never know! Thanks for visiting and for your feedback!


    • He he he! Thanks for stopping by, Robert. Ranks not a relative, of yours, I guess. 😞


  8. Val said:

    It’s definitely an ‘a’ not an ‘o’. The formation of the ‘o’ in Raym/o/nd is different from the formation of the letter ‘a’.

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