Raymond Parker In Colour – 1981 and Millee 1975

Ray Parker 1981. He was probably aged 21 or 22.

These are the last two images I have of Ray. We have seen him develop and grow from babyhood to adulthood in 134 frames. Happily for me, you have taken him to your heart as much as I have.

Included in this large lot of photos was one three-photo strip of a middle aged lady, called Millee. (Below) Her name is written in the same hand writing that appears on the backs of most of the images of Ray as a teenager and adult. I have no doubt that these photos are definitely part of the family collection.

As no mother appears in any of these strips, perhaps Ray grew up without a mum? Whether through divorce or death or perhaps through a dislike of having her photo taken, she is an absent figure. So perhaps Millee was the important motherly figure in Ray’s life? There could be a resemblance to Ray in her features. She could be his mother, I suppose, but to me she looks rather too old to have been a mum to a 16 year old in 1975, when this photo was taken. She could possibly be an aunt or Ray’s grandmother? Perhaps a nanny or housekeeper to Ray’s father?

It is likely that we will never know the full story, but if someone who recognises Ray stumbles on this blog, you will be the first to know.

Millee 1975


  1. Well, you know me and my ‘knack’ for thinking people resemble someone… lol… butttt … I definitely think there is FAR too much of a resemblance between them for this woman to NOT be his mother. They have the same eyes, exact same nose, I don’t think she is his aunt or gram, they just look toooo much alike to not be mother/son. Just my opinion and God knows I’ve been wrong before (in this blog, especially recently) :-)) It would be great to find someone who knows them, stranger things have happened….
    K, you enjoy keeping us guessing and thinking don’t you! Ya rascal … lol Hugz!

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    • 😂 “Rascal” 😃. Haven’t been called that in a looong time! 😊

      To Millee. I’d like this to be Ray’s mother, but wouldn’t he have written “mom” if she were? My cousin calls her mum by her first name, so that isn’t definitive as a negative. For me, what rules her out as his ma, is that she looks to me to be in her late 50s to early 60s. I could totally be wrong about that, as I don’t have a great track record for guessing ages. But even if she was only in her mid fifties, that would make her around 40 when she gave birth to Ray. That would’ve been very, very unusual in 1959 but not impossible. . . Now YOU are keeping ME guessing, ya rapscallion. 😆

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    • Yes, I do! I enjoyed reading about Arifa’s father and looking at the pictures of your friend who looks after cats, too.


  2. yeah, a very enjoyable series of pictures, and quite revealing. i would have been far to embarrassed to allow my parents to do this, but it is a phenomenal record.

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    • It is indeed.

      Funnily enough I was exactly that kind of photo-shy child, too. Once I realised that people didn’t remember me being at parties and other events, because I wasn’t in the photos, I changed my tune, as you may have noticed! 😆


  3. oglach said:

    I say she’s his auntie. There is a resemblance around the eyes. Maybe. 🙂

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  4. I agree that there is a definite family resemblance here between Ray and Millee! I am convinced that we will solve the mystery of what happened to Ray and his family. Millee-that’s an unusual way to spell the name. Clue perhaps?

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    • Hmm, yes, definitely a clue. I wonder if her name were added to Ray Parker in Ancestry.com, if that would bring anything up. I will try that.


  5. Interesting work.
    Whenever a see a series like these I always wonder what will remain of his childhood dreams.

    Unfortunately I don’t know who Raymond Parker is/was.

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    • You are always so poetic, Marcelo. I think he will have new dreams and that he will have done things he never imagined possible when he was a child. I hope that for everyone!

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  6. roberta m said:

    Oh Mr. Parker! Although we know nothing about him, except for how he has physically changed over the years–I do hope he is “still around” and enjoying life. Please keep us in the loop if you do discover any further clues. Thanks for posting the series!


  7. Meags Fitzgerald said:

    This is such a wonderful collection Katherine! Totally fascinating, thanks for sharing!

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  8. Fascinating again. To me, sometimes those pictures are evidence of how some people forget the child they’ve been…
    Question: do you sometimes research the people you post on? There is so much info now on Internet. What happened to them? Why have those photographs appeared on the market?
    (I will haunt my daughters after my death if the family albums end up in a flea market!)
    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, my dear. My best wishes for stability… 🙂

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    • I would love to do more research but, with my illness, I don’t have the energy to do that and let alone blog as often as I’d like as well. 😞 I have had some great readers who have found out information about people from past posts. I try to add that information in updates.I often wonder why photographs appear on the market, too. Perhaps the person had no living relatives, or they just don’t care. 😒 I applaud your comment about haunting your daughters if your photos end up in flea markets! 😆

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      • I can imagine the difficulty. At least you can manage to post a little. Anything is good. Let’s hear it for bloggers who did research. That is fascinating.
        (I think most don’t care. Just grandpa’s stuff. Dump it into the rubbish)
        And I will haunt them! 😉
        Best wishes Kate. Keep up the spirit.

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