Ninety Years Ago Today.

USA, 22 May 1928

This battered little photo was taken exactly 90 years ago, today. Marie is a sparky little lady, who is very aware of how to behave in front of a camera. Assuming she was about two years old when this was taken, and that she lived most of her life in the prosperity of the United States, it is possible that she is still alive today. She would be only three years older than my mother and the same age as a wonderful lady named Paddy, with whom I do my pain-management exercise therapy.

I imagine this photo departed its original home by being given to someone close to the family, but not part of it, around the time it was taken. Over the decades the significance of this memento faded from memory as people moved town, or otherwise lost contact, got older or died, thus leading it to being sold in an auction or junk shop.

Here’s hoping that, like my friend Paddy, Marie is hale and hearty and amazing everyone who knows her with her zest for life and wonderful sense of humour.

  1. I second your motion on Marie.
    (Yesterday we attended the 90th birthday of a charming gentleman, fit as a fiddle. Very nice)

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  2. Marie is lovely. It would be wonderful if she is still alive and, even moe, was put in touch with you.

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  3. Lovely little girl, I would say she is between three and four years of age, certainly older than two. Very aware of herself and her effect on people, a charmer. Very prettily dressed.

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    • Great observations, Tony. Yes, she is very self aware! Are you back home now? Loved hearing from you on your travels! 😀


  4. John said:

    Great find Katherine, she’s adorable. And about the same age my dad who just hit 90 last month! I hope you are well! ❤️

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    • Happy birthday to your dad, John. Isn’t it wonderful how many men are living healthy lives into their nineties? I hope you Dad is well. I remember being told how marvellous it was that my mum’s dad lived to seventy, as at the time of that birthday (around 1972), a lot of men were dead by 65. Seventy seems horribly young to me now!


  5. I know it is impossible but I would like to know would happen if the “two” Marie meet each other.
    They would have many many stories to tell.

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    • Oh, yes Marcelo! I love the way you think so poetically. 💕😊 It IS like there are two Maries, if the photo could be reconnected with her ninety something year old self. I’ve never thought about old photos in that way before. You are wonderful! 🤩


  6. roberta m said:

    What a lovely photo. My mother’s childhood photos have the same look–a little charming, a little impish and always dressed in their best dress.

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    • Yes, a photo, even one taken in a photobooth, was very special in those days. Your comment has made me think of a wonderful photo of my mum in a similar dress. She is posing with her dad, grandmother and great grandmother. All that is written on the back is “Four generations”. Luckily mum knows where it was taken and approximately what year it was made.


  7. Such a sweet image. My dad will be 90 this year, so the photo was taken the year he was born! I’m sure Marie would be delighted to know that this little trinket has found it’s way to someone who, although unrelated, will value it 🙂

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  8. Loved your little story and hope it’s true! Marie is lovely. ❤️


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