Flinders Street Photobooth Threatened Again

In January last year the administration at Flinders Street station intended to have my favourite photobooth permanently removed from its location on Flinders Street. A booth has been at the station for 44 years. Due to the hard work of some students from Melbourne University, and others, a campaign to save the booth was launched and for some 16 months was successful.

Unfortunately the threat has reemerged, as you can see from the notes the owner, Alan, has placed on the booth. There is a new Facebook group called SAVE THE FLINDERS STREET PHOTO BOOTH. The women who have started this group have spoken with Alan and they tell me that it is not his decision to close down the booth. I hope you can all join to help swell the numbers in order to make our displeasure felt and save the booth.

I apologise to the many people who have left comments on this blog or replied to comments I have made on other blogs, that remain unanswered. My health isn’t too great at the moment. I will get back to everyone as soon as I can.

  1. John said:

    Good grief. Just leave it there! Get better soon Katherine. 😎👍🏻❤️

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  2. Sorry to hear you aren’t well and I truly hope you feel better very soon! I am really enjoying the mugshots you sent me. They’re quite wonderful!

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    • So thrilled to hear it, Shayne. Thanks for the email, too. I’m pushing really hard to catch up on blog comments. Emails will need to keep waiting, damn it! 😢

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  3. The Monsoonfamily's Mum said:

    Hope you feel better soon. Love from France .

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  4. Margaret Medhurst said:

    Feel better Kate, let’s hope at the very least the booth can be re located x

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    • So here you are, Margaret! I looked all over Facebook as I knew you’d left a comment somewhere! I just couldn’t find it till now. Thanks for the kind wishes. I hope the booth will find a new home. It is very shortsighted of the administration to want it gone. 😢


  5. obenwa said:

    I hope you feel better soon!! Sending my love to you and the photo booth!

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    • Cool idea, Brad. I just wish my health wasn’t so crappy at the moment, otherwise I’d be working hard to find a solution. I’m off to see my cardiologist, Sue, tomorrow. I want to stop taking a medication for vestibular migraines that is improving things on one hand, but making life more difficult (sleepy) on the other. Everything gets thrown back to her even though she wasn’t the one to up the dosage. Once I get a bit more wakefulness (if I do!) the booth situation will be looked into. I’m hoping that the other Melbourne booth is safe, at least for the time being!

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      • Hmm, migraines suck, but sleepiness must deprive you of some of the joie-de-vivre which your blog is famous for. Maybe a compromise with the medication can be found. Please let Sue know that your 2500+ followers around the world are counting on her to help you maintain your fine form!

        About the booth, I realized after posting the earlier comment that Alan probably wants to keep it, he just needs a new place to put it. That shouldn’t be too hard to find. He must find it encouraging to know there’s a local community of booth enthusiasts.

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        • I think he is only just realising how important the booth is to Melbournians.

          I asked for the dosage to be reduced but as the cardiologist didn’t prescribe the medication, she didn’t want to interfere with another specialist’s work. She has given me a letter to give the neurologist suggesting options that won’t upset my dodgy blood pressure. Still a few weeks till I see him though.

          Thanks for the lovely compliments about my blog, Brad. 😃❤️

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  6. Ralph said:

    I hope that you and your friends will find a way of saving the booth Kate.
    Oh no, I hope it is not too serious. Get well soon my friend ❤

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  7. I clicked ‘like’ but I do not like the fact that Kate’s go-to comfort food, (a photo booth, what else?) may be no more. Hopefully someone somewhere will take it on so we are not deprived of our prima donna of the photobooh.

    I’ll have to go join the facebook group. I wish I had a lot of money so I could buy it and install it in her front yard.

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    • Thanks so much for your support through your comments and messages. I should’ve replied to these comments before adding a post about the outcome, I guess. The news is good! 😁

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  8. Discover and Explore said:

    so, what is the status now?

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    • Last time I checked the booth was still there but not operational. Alan had been ill.

      Thanks for exploring my blog so deeply!!

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