A Photobooth Haiku By The Poet Rummager


See me as I am

Glutton for your attention

Ravenous woman


I love haiku poems and have found the blogging world to be filled with poets using this old Japanese form in exciting ways. I have two particular favourites in this field. Today I share one of them with you.

Rose Perez from Poet Rummager is an artist-collector-poet. Her poetry comes in many forms. They are frequently deeply personal and touching, inspiring and insightful. There is a lot to explore on her blog including audio clips of her reading her poems, art of her own making, art from others and collaborations.

A short time ago I asked Rose if she would like to use one my photos as inspiration for some of her work. I was really thrilled when she said yes. I think the piece, above, captures the dynamic in this photo. It makes me chuckle, though without the photo, the poem has a different, more dramatic tone. It stands on its own.

Please visit Rose’s blog to read and see more, at the links above, or here.

  1. The poem is on the woman but it could be the man or both. This man has a strange way to reveal his wolf teeth. The picture is all about sex and animality. Ravenous is so well used.

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    • Your comment is brilliant! It is almost poetry itself. Yes, sex and animality, indeed. Thanks for your insight. 😃

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  2. stephen said:

    haiku say so much
    words like pearls strung on a string
    pictures in my mind

    Thanks for the visual and verbal inspirations!

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  3. That’s pretty good, I’d say she captured his spirit. Fun idea to ask her, Kate.

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  4. A wonderful collaboration Katherine. I love haiku poems too, there’s something special about their initial immediacy and brevity – similar charcteristics to photography. Having said that, time spent with haiku poems and photographs is a rewarding and sublime experience.

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  5. It was an honor to work with you, darling Kate! We shall have more fun in the days and weeks ahead. 💌 Much love and admiration from America. 💓

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  6. I agree, Rose in Poet Rummager has so many strings to play with in her poetry and the poems are often exquisite. The two of you make something very special in this collaborative effort. Gotta love it. 🙂

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