Here are some photos taken at the Chapel Street photobooth earlier this year. My health was more stable then than it is now. My apologies to everyone who has left a comment and not had a reply from me. Hopefully one day I will get back on top of things.

Hope you find these as amusing as I do. Happy Halloween to you all!

  1. John said:

    Hi, it’s great to see you. Love the witchy photos! ❤️

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  2. Jim Grey said:

    I’m sorry your health remains so challenged. Nice to see you here today at least!

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  3. Thank the Goddess, she’s back!! I was going to send you an annoying email if you didn’t show up soon. It’s wonderful to see you again, even if you’ve, er, changed a bit … just the nose, really, otherwise you look fabulous.

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  4. oglach said:

    Wow, you look just like a nun! Uh, I mean witch! 😉 Happy Halloween. 🙂

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  5. Just in time for Halloween! I love these, Kat.

    Oh, by the way, don’t fret about comments. Everyone who leaves one here does so because they love you and appreciate the bit of joy you bring with these posts. My Halloween wish is for you to get back strong and in blogging form soon.

    Oh, by the way by the way, guess who just put into the mail a letter to a friend, containing probably the most pristine photo booth strip he has ever see? He left the note sitting on his desk so the recipient will just have to look at the strip and not be regaled with his pithy observations this time.

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  6. Xraypics said:

    Great to see you back Kate! That is you isn’t it? Get well, stay well, be well!

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  7. GP Cox said:

    Try to have a fun holiday – laughter is good medicine. (if you can keep your head!)….

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  8. I was going through my WordPress subscriptions last night, and unsubscribing from some who haven’t posted for ages. I saw you hadn’t shared a post for a month or two and wondered how you were. Sorry to hear your health isn’t at its best, but good to have a post from you. Hopefully you’ll feel well enough to share and do more soon, in the meantime take care and do whatever you need to to feel better.

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  9. Ralph said:

    It looks like you are dressed up to prepare a swell – well – spell for yourself Kate. No more skullking and get well soon my friend. 🙂 ❤

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  10. Hurray–you’re back! I’ve missed you. I like the Halloween photos. Very witchy.


  11. Vinville said:

    Hiya K, hope you’re well and back on the road to fun, it’s what you do best. I LOVE this photo, but… I have to say… that ‘nose’ sure looks like some poor skeleton has lost a finger…. I think a lawsuit is in order for you, that surgeon did ya wrong… lol. Great to get a post from you, you’re in our thoughts and prayers…. big HUGZ!!! Love, Vin :-))

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  12. elmediat said:

    Great sequence. I have some Halloween shots up at Dark Pines Photo. Take care. 🙂


  13. Love your Halloween project – creative as always. Wishing you well ❤


  14. Aw, hope your witchy-ween Halloween was smashing! Fun costume and skull. All the best to you, Kate! ❤️


  15. Great shots Kate. No apologies needed. Just wishing you well. 🙂


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