1. John said:

    She’s very pretty! Looks older than she probably is. Great photo Katherine ❤


    • Hi John. Thanks John! Yes, I think she would be only 11 or twelve, possibly even younger.


  2. That is an unusual pose, it would be interesting to see the other shots. I like the dress, like a proper fraulein. I think she’s around your age in your official PB Pic on the side.

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    • Limited. Yes it would be very interesting to see the rest of the photos from the day. I imagine she would look very different in each one. I agree with you that she would be around the same age as me in my “official” photobooth photo.


  3. A very unusual pose indeed. Her eyes are beautiful, probably blue or very light shade of grey, with huge black eyelashes. Charming.

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    • Thank you for adding those details, Inese. I love it when people see things that I haven’t thought to write about or have even noticed and then share them in the comments. It is one of the great things about blogging! 🎄.

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      • I often read the comments other people make. It is like listening to a conversation.

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