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I was attracted to this photo as there is a medieval princess look to this young woman’s hat. I’m very fond of portrait paintings from that era. The cone shaped hennin of the period, says royalty above all else and the demure expression on her very attractive face, gives her a regal bearing.

Closer inspection of the image suggests she is wearing a marching girl uniform of some sort, rather than a carnival or party costume. The insignia on the hat certainly suggests she is a member of an organisation or team of some sort.

This is an undated photobooth photo from France. It dates to around the 1940s. Perhaps, if you are more familiar with French culture than I, you might recognise this outfit? Let me know in the comments, if you do.

I’m telling a wee fib about these photos. They were taken in March 1957, but they have always looked New Yearsy to me. There is a lot of love and youthful joie de vivre in the photos, don’t you think? I am quite envious of the young lady’s jacket with the Astrakhan wool collar. I have always wanted an Astrakhan coat!

I wonder if there is any significance to the fez style hat, given the crescent moon and eight pointed star decoration? Given the Groucho Marx style glasses and follicular accoutrements that accompany the hat, I doubt it has any serious connotations. And does our young man have a pierced ear?

Thanks for all the lovely welcome back comments from you all. I’m not yet up to doing very much blog reading just yet, please forgive me. I hope your new year has started well and continues that way as time passes.

I think I might have gone a bit over the top, (some might say a bit mad), when making my Easter bunny mask and eyebrows. Stangely, even though the eyebrows are made with the same colour pink paper as the cheeks, (see below), they do not register the same way in the photo. Even after all these years, I am still struggling with working out the best colours and tones to wear to get the best results in black and white booths. A bright orange dress I was wearing the other day, read as black in the photos. That was a total surprise to me. I guess that means Orange really Is The New Black.

The photobooth where I took these strips, is in a suburb of Melbourne that is close to the hospital where my cardiologist has her consultancy. Though going to endless specialist appointments is tedious in many ways, if I can squeeze in a trip to an old fashioned booth at the same time, I am happier.

I hope you got a laugh from my photos. I sure did! Happy Easter to you all.

What’s Up Doc?


Smile child, smile!

With a noise maker in hand, lovely ruffled collar and sweet clown costume, one wonders why this child looks so miserable? Probably without even knowing it, he is wearing the costume and face of Pierrot, the sad clown. He is pining for the love of Columbine. Perhaps he knows she will break his heart and leave him for the more light-hearted Harlequin?

I am guessing that the long object protruding from the back of his hat is a long stemmed feather, but you may have some other theories?

This is another in a series photobooth photos of children with toys and animals, which come from between the two World Wars. As in the previous posts, this picture is from Germany.



From my collection.

Here is a wonder of my world. A clown that loves a photobooth! I actually don’t like clowns very much. They are a bit scary, too noisy and not terribly funny. However, for some reason that I cannot quite fathom, I like photos of clowns and people in clown party costumes. I have many party souvenir photos of clowns in formats other than photobooth strips. None of the sitters could be mistaken for real clowns.

Happily for me, I believe this is a real clown. He takes his job very seriously indeed. The photo above (the only one which I actually own) shows our man in a harlequin style outfit with a big ruffle. In the photos below, taken from the Ebay seller’s archive, he has two other costumes to show off. None of the images are of an extraordinary quality in terms of contrast, sharpness  and tone but they are rare in the world of photobooth photos and thus much adored by me.

All these images are undated and originated in the USA, where else?

Another from the series.

Another from the series. (I do not own this image)


And another. (I do not own this image)

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