Pierrot Le Fou


Smile child, smile!

With a noise maker in hand, lovely ruffled collar and sweet clown costume, one wonders why this child looks so miserable? Probably without even knowing it, he is wearing the costume and face of Pierrot, the sad clown. He is pining for the love of Columbine. Perhaps he knows she will break his heart and leave him for the more light-hearted Harlequin?

I am guessing that the long object protruding from the back of his hat is a long stemmed feather, but you may have some other theories?

This is another in a series photobooth photos of children with toys and animals, which come from between the two World Wars. As in the previous posts, this picture is from Germany.

      • John said:

        Thanks for the Like Marathon Kathrine!! Your such a sweetheart!! Big hugs from the valley. ❤️❤️


  1. oglach said:

    That child is clearly an existentialist.
    What a great photo.


  2. Xraypics said:

    Not so much sad, just that he doesn’t want to be there. It’s a great photo. A little like Mona Lisa, he could break into a smile in just an instant.


  3. Haunting. For whatever reason, I am reminded of a painting of a child by Caravaggio in the Indianapolis Museum of Art, that had an under painting that was off, which made the baby look green and dead. Staring into these ghostly eyes, I am chilled.

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  4. Great photo. The boy is very young – his curls look babyish, and his hands are tiny. May be he was asked to act as Pierrot, and it was the only facial expression he could come up with? 🙂 The feather in his hat looks out of place. Why is it there if it doesn’t fit in the picture. A puzzle 🙂

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    • Yes, the feather is a puzzle and his expression could be acting the part or disapproval of the photo session, any number of things! Maybe he wasn’t allowed to put the money in the slot?!

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      • Yes, many reasons 🙂 He looks like he would have rather been a Superman 🙂


    • So many stories are possible, aren’t they Hanna. Maybe his sister got the costume he really wanted!


  5. elmediat said:

    Excellent shot.
    The child is a bit disappointed because he thought he was going to be a Zombie Pierrot, because scary clowns are way cooler. 😀

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    • So much cooler than saddies. No male child these days would consent to a costume like this unless it included zombie makeup.😄

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