The Easter Bunny Is Coming!

I think I might have gone a bit over the top, (some might say a bit mad), when making my Easter bunny mask and eyebrows. Stangely, even though the eyebrows are made with the same colour pink paper as the cheeks, (see below), they do not register the same way in the photo. Even after all these years, I am still struggling with working out the best colours and tones to wear to get the best results in black and white booths. A bright orange dress I was wearing the other day, read as black in the photos. That was a total surprise to me. I guess that means Orange really Is The New Black.

The photobooth where I took these strips, is in a suburb of Melbourne that is close to the hospital where my cardiologist has her consultancy. Though going to endless specialist appointments is tedious in many ways, if I can squeeze in a trip to an old fashioned booth at the same time, I am happier.

I hope you got a laugh from my photos. I sure did! Happy Easter to you all.

What’s Up Doc?

  1. You… a bit over the top… Never. A bit mad… uh, no comment. Two darling Easter PB Strips. Each shot different, not just with the pose, but the way you used your eyes and mouth, making the ‘bunnies’ each have a different personality. I think my fave is second down on the left strip.

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    • He he he! That is my fave, too Ted. Happy Easter! PS. The mask was fun to make and super easy.


  2. Happy Easter Kate. (Nice mask)
    And I find it incredible that you can still find B&W photobooth.
    Amazing. 🙂
    Joyeuses Pâques

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    • Une pâque très heureuse à toi aussi, Brian.

      There are only two black and white booths left in Melbourne and no old style colour ones.

      Glad you like my silly mask!

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      • You are very creative. 🙂
        The booths should be protected by historical monuments. A bit like London Phone booths left out to rot in the streets because no-one can imagine a new usage… (Wif-Fi stations?)
        I find it amazing that you are already tomorrow and yet we can communicate…
        Be good.

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        • It is your time travelling at work!

          I wish more old technology could be protected and allowed to keep working. Unfortunately if it ends up in museums then the “do not touch” signs are erected and the usefulness of the item is ignored.

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  3. John said:

    I love these photos Katherine, well done!! 😊☺️❤️

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  4. Happy Easter to the bunny.
    Where are the eggs?
    But….. bunnies don’t lay eggs.

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    • Yep, that confuses me too, Tony! Too many legends and traditions got mixed up in our Easter, eh? Happy Easter back. 😊🐰🐣


  5. It *is* tricky to figure out what colors render as what grays in b/w. So many variables!

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    • Yes, so many! I think I once saw a chart for how colours change in black and white films but never remember to search for it at an appropriate time.


  6. Kate said:

    Funny! Happy Easter to you too 🙂 I hope your appointment went ok. We don’t have any of the strip photo-booths here at all, they are all digital. I know of a couple in Manchester but that’s a way from here. The digital booths do a pseudo-strip which is two skinny strips with half the space given over to product promotion, and one strip in colour and one strip in b&w. That said, I’m still going to use it for my A2 rework.
    I wonder why that pink has rendered differently? Perhaps it’s due to how the booth is lit, I suppose it makes sense that there will be more light on the face and less as you head up towards the hairline. Interesting!


    • Kate said:

      doh. I mean one strip in sepia/vintage ish and one in b&w.


  7. Ralph said:

    Bwaahahahaha ! Hello Easter Wabbit ! What fun ! Made my Easter, Kate ! 🙂 ❤


  8. Terrific mask, and poses. May your Easter blossom with many new ideas!


  9. roberta m said:

    Happy Easter! This is indeed the happiest of the Easter trio! And my favorite.


  10. I love each photo of this enchanting series, but my favourite is the second one in the left-hand column, because it conveys a sense of magic, fragility and tenderness that charms me.


  11. Xsi said:

    I love these. You are so cute. Happy Easter to you and Margaret and David and Snowy xxx


  12. Excellent. I like the bunny mask.
    Happy Easter!


  13. Haha! I don’t quite know what’s more delicious — your costume or the chocolate bunny!! Ah, you’re so fun, Kate. 😀


  14. What did you do – go out and buy your own photobooth? That would defo be taking an albeit wonderful hobby to a new level, but …. not something that would really surprise me… lol! Love all the new posts, been a while for me, 2017 has kept me busy, back to posting again and reading again…. love this post and all your creativity and fun. God Bless and hugz ! Vin :-))


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