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I love these two images from 1930s Germany. They remind me of my maternal grandmother who had a fondness for fox in the same era in Australia. I wore her arctic fox fur muff and matching stole to many costume parties when I was in my late teens.

She also had a grey fox stole whose little mouth was a clip that attached to the tail, as it seems to do in this lady’s example. Despite the fact they are desperately not PC, I mourned their loss when I discovered they had moulted completely while in storage during one of my forays overseas.

Looking at this woman I uncharitably mentioned to a friend that she looked a bit like a fox, but my companion could not agree. “Nope, Kat, not a fox. Definitely a ferret.” Either way we agree that she has something of a small furry creature about her, that ties in well with her fashion choice.

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