Grandmother and Granddaughter Perhaps?

I bought these two images in a flea market in Mesa, Arizona in 2009. They were sticky taped together at the time. I am still trying to get most of the damn stuff off!

I am guessing that the formal portrait was taken in the 1920s and the photobooth picture sometime in the 1970s. Would that make these woman mother and daughter or grandma and grandaughter? Given their strikingly similar looks and the deliberate association of the two images through the glue, there can be no doubt that they are at least close relatives, whatever their actual relationship.


  1. Given the similarity I would say this is one woman who has discovered a) the art of time travel or
    b) immortality

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    • Love your comment Ziggy! I have often wondered at the parallels between photobooths and blue police boxes from the 1950s. (If you are familiar with my favourite time-traveller, Dr Who). As they both work to transcend time.


      • elmediat said:

        Definite evidence of time travel. 🙂

        You know the booth is more than it seems when the light on top starts flashing and it makes a curious sound that seems to come from everywhere at once.

        If you see statuary near the booth don’t blink.

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        • Never, ever blink! Apparently the Evil Angels will be back in the new season. Yay for that. They are the Doctor’s scariest foe.


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