London 12 Months On

London 1988

Travel Card 1988

January 1988, London

Having left Australia with an idea that I would be away for no more than 6 months, I was as surprised as anyone to find myself a London resident 12 months on.  I had been encouraged by other ex-pat residents at Driscoll House to look for some work to subsidise my travels.  I found an advertisement for a part-time job at a new craft gallery in Covent Garden, applied, was offered and accepted full-time work as a gallery assistant and ended up managing the retail space within 6 months.  I looked at one advertisement, made one phone call, had one interview and secured a job in one day.   I stayed for 2 years and 2 months.  The Endell Street Place was a craft shop, gallery and studio complex in Endell Street, Covent Garden.  The centre showcased the best of British craft while offering the opportunity to see the artist/craftspeople making the work on site.  I met my future travelling companion Helen White, while working there.

After my month in Elephant and Castle I moved further south to West Norwood where I was a boarder, initially with three other Australians and one Brazilian.  I developed a very close bond with my hosts the Holbrook family and remain friends with them to this day.  Since meeting them in Feburuary 1987, I have never stayed anywhere else on all my many subsequent trips to London.  They have very kindly given me numerous photobooth pictures of themselves, that I will post on this blog, at some time in the future.

The photo above was taken at a booth at South Kensington tube station.  At this time I was still only taking booth photos for a specific purpose.  This photo was used in the id, which replaced the, temporarily, mislaid one from January 1987.  This is the first of the photographs posted on this blog, to show me wearing clothes that are neither home-made, second-hand or borrowed!

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