My Femme Fatale – Part One


April 1962

December 1962


Some years ago I bought a group of booth strips of the same woman.  The photos were from France.  I thought they were a brilliant find, showing the same lady through two relationships and many different fashionable hairstyles of the 1960s.  In the images of her alone, I imagine her popping into a booth on the way home from her hairdresser to record the newest “do”.  Above are four of the 14 strips.  Only seven of the group are dated.  There is no indication as to the place they were taken on any of them.  As with most of my collection, I feel a certain proprietary relationship with each sitter, especially if I have more than one  photo covering a period of time.  Thus I was delighted when my lovely lady came into my life again earlier this year, in a most surprising way, of which I will tell you more in a later post.

  1. Laura said:

    i am a big fan of the photobooth and have enjoyed the opportunity to view your photots and collection thank you so much Laura


  2. Roslynn Scheuch said:

    I love the Femme Fatale photos, what a pity you don’t have a name so that you could contact her. it would be good to have some photos of her now if still around. Amazing that you found her in the photobook dogs book!!! you must have been very pleased.


    • It was a wonderful surprise, Ros. One day, who knows? Someone who knows her may stumble on this blog…


  3. It is the first time I see a blog devoted to photo booths, and I’m realizing that is a great idea as those captions represent interesting and sometime funny moments in the life of most of us. Also I think is a pity they are disappearing nowadays…
    Anyhow, you have a loyal follower in me…
    Thanks also for visiting my blog


    • Thanks for subscribing and for your lovely comments! Yes, the machines are disappearing but also becoming trendy in bars and night-clubs, so there is hope that they will not go away altogether.


  4. I think you are right about her going to the photo booth after having her hair done. You can see in her expression that’s what she is doing.

    Love her smile after she kissed that guy.


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