My Femme Fatale – Part Two

March 1968

Chronologically, this is the next of the dated booth photos of the series of 14 of my lovely French lady. This strip was cut, as you can see.  I especially love this photo as my sister was born in the same month and year.  Why does that make any difference?  I suppose I enjoy seeing what else was going on in another private world at a significant time in the life of my family, similarities and differences, another incarnation of the period. I am amused by the fact that at around the same era, my mum had a furry hat very similar to the one worn above and she was also fond of the same type of fashionable silk scarf.

  1. Lisa said:

    The second frame is fabulous – I love her coat! I love that you are tracing some of her life through these photos.


    • Yes! The second frame is so … hmm, Liz Taylor? Many more pics of her to come. Thanks for commenting, Lisa.


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