So Ordinary, Or Is He?

This gentleman obviously isn’t posing for an id photo, given the mildly amusing faces he is pulling. He is not showing much in the way of imagination but one gets a small glimpse of his personality. Is he Mr Ordinary or are we seeing a small indication that he is really a man of adventure and creativity? If we want to know him better, lets look at the second strip of photos from my collection in which he features.

Here, with a friend, we see someone who likes to play with the restrictive format of the booth, creating a mini story out of the four frames. Maybe he habitually liked to muck about in photobooths? Maybe he isn’t a man of great adventure or great creativity but I think he probably has a quirky way of taking on the world.

Not an old set of pics, my guess would be the 1980s or even early 1990s, I wonder how these strips ended up on Ebay so soon after their creation?

  1. Definitely 80’s – I’m sure I have those old glasses frames before my red phase 90’s. Love the back of the head shots. Cute. Cheers Sue


    • It is amazing how people who have had to wear glasses all their lives are the BEST photo daters!


  2. ehpem said:

    Interesting thoughts. All these little stories buried in spontaneous photos. I bet none of it was intended to be very deep 🙂


    • Hi Mr E! No, I’m sure it wasn’t. I was attempting to be tongue in cheek in this post. And I like making things up!


  3. Great post Katherine, love the photo booth shots especially the sideways ones!


    • Thanks so much for sending that link! It was so exciting to see the process and the extraordinary finished product. Was ever so slightly horrified that he poured cadmium bromide over the plate without gloves on. I used to be a ceramic designer and cadmium is so toxic, even in tiny amounts, that I felt like I was witnessing a unintentional suicide!


      • I know what you mean about the chemicals, the stuff I use is pretty harmless when your careful but the cat was drinking my stop bath one day, this is just sort of weak vinegar but still I thought he might drop dead. He now follows me into the darkroom all the time looking for another nip!!
        I was at a “thing” on Saturday and someone was telling me I should give Sodium cyanide a try for rinsing my darkroom prints, I explained about the cat and he told me that maybe it is not the process for me.


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