1. More like Hoorah! We’ve missed you, hope your feeling better. Cheers


  2. What fun! And how unusual to see somebody smoking in a photobooth.


    • Indeed. I would say, at least in Melbourne these days, “How unusual to see someone smoking”!


  3. Funny! I have the same little red double decker bus from my first trip to London when I was 6. And I have a few of those weird glass bird/glass sculpture objects too… I was quite obsessed with collecting those for a while… maybe I will do a blog post about them some time. Thanks for posting this! Love seeing people having FUN with photobooths!


    • I also have a London bus from my first week in that gorgeous city! Are the bird things taxidermy? I can’t tell.


      • Real feathers, but not usually taxidermy… although I do have one where it’s a dining room scene, and all the creatures at table are made from insect parts : – )


  4. Lisa said:

    yay, you’re back! looking forward to more posts for the summer (or winter :)!)


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