A vintage photobooth machine in action. This picture shows a booth installed in a shop, that appears to be a chemist or some type of general store. You can see examples of the types of options one had to get a booth photo enlarged and the white coated operator who directed the sitters to move and pose at different angles for each shot.

  1. How interesting that there was an operator. I always assumed photo booths were intended to be self-serve. (In fact, I assumed that was part of their appeal.) I didn’t realize they would have a staff.


    • Hi Matt. Originally the appeal was the cheap price and the fact that you waited only minutes for the photos at a time when you mostly had to wait a week or more for snaps to be processed by a lab. I need to find out if any of the machines were automatic in the early days. I know that in the earliest days they were all in shops, where the staff were an integral part of helping you to get good shots in a variety of poses.


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