New Southgate Found Photo – 21 January 2004


This photo was found by my cousin Krissie at a Homebase store in New Southgate, London. She picked it up at 6.30 pm on 21 January 2004, exactly 9 years ago today.

Over the years Krissie has given me many booth photos that she has found including a set that she found floating in a river. Thanks Cuz!

  1. Paul J. Stam said:

    Love the sequence of the smile in this one. Incidentally, so glad you like Chapter 6 of “Rulers and Ruled” on Paper, Mud and Me.


    • I have to admit it is on my reading list. I “liked” it before I read all of it, I’m afraid!


  2. atrmws said:

    We will never know what distracted Sheila Mae Given come the third shot.

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    • It was catching sight of her aged reflection that made her gasp and grin. Surely she was not now the image of her mother? It amused her to think how quickly her life was flying by.


  3. atrmws said:

    It was the most authentic of her smiles. The birdie was her daughter.

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  4. atrmws said:

    She was saying, mum – you promised me fish and chips for lunch and it’s almost twelve-thirty. The child’s look best described as a metaphorical arm-tug.

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