Eureka! – 6 March 1998


6 March 1998, Spencer Street Station, Melbourne

This photo was taken just before a trip to Ballarat to attend the opening celebrations for the Eureka Centre, which now appears to have become the Museum for Australian Democracy.

This strip is part of the series Photobooth 41 Year Project. You can see all the posts that document the series by clicking here.

  1. abhoan said:

    Why do you pixelate parts in the first place?


    • Because the person in the photo is very sensitive and I don’t want to upset him. It is a shame, but I would have big gaps in my photobooth history if I left ones with the person in question out.


      • abhoan said:

        Well bless you for your sensitivity towards the topic. Love the pictures so much, its a shame to see something so good pixelated 😦


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