Mullet Dude Loves His Look


I laugh every time I look at this strip. Mr Mullet seems very in love with himself. From the deliberate, alternating poses, I think it is his luxuriant face-fuzz that he is out to capture in all its glory.

It is quite surprising that he let go of this set of photos. My guess is he gave them to a girl he fancied and she didn’t value him or the photos enough to keep them.

I am not sure where these photos originated, probably the USA. I’d say from the colours and the type of booth strip the photos were taken in the 1990s.

  1. That’s an awesome mustache, and an even more awesome sprig-twirl-thing he has going on up top, there – I don’t care what anyone else says. That’s totally awesome.


    • Thanks Richard. I love it when something that has tickled my funny bone is enjoyed by others as well.


  2. Was nowhere near as bad as this, but I must confess I did have a mullet for my wedding. It’s the first thing anyone ever points out and comments on when they see our photos – even before saying how beautiful the bride looked. Embarrassed!


    • I never thought that my blog would become a confessional! You are very brave to admit this story in public. It is a very funny anecdote. Thanks for sharing.


  3. ehpem said:

    This is very funny – the guy loves himself completely. I expect he was a pain in the butt to be around. I had a moustache like that in the late 70’s or 1980. There is something very Travolta about this this dude and the way he is posing. Could the photos be from the late 70’s?


    • I thought that it might be 70s but that type of colour booth wasn’t around until the mid 1980s. I dated it based on the revival of the style in the 1990s. I still could be wrong, though.


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