Becky and Friends – Part Four


Undated. With unidentified friend.

Here is Becky and a new friend, once again having fun showing off in a photobooth, bless ’em.

I am guessing that this photo was taken quite soon after the picture, dated April 1969, from the previous post in this series. Becky would therefore be around 14 years old in this strip.

Becky’s pal either has bad teeth or braces. It is too hard to tell which, even with the ability to enlarge pictures with the scanner. I am going for bad teeth, as when I had braces, chewing-gum, (seen being chomped with gusto in the second frame of this strip), was an utter nightmare if it became attached to the wires.

  1. Bad teeth gets my vote too. Becky’s face is brilliant in the last image!


    • Re teeth – I have a series of three photos of the one man to post soon. He has appaulling teeth in one, fixed-up dazzling whites in the next and is wearing a vampire cloak in the third!


        • Thanks Richard. Will be a couple of weeks as I am now working way ahead of time using the scheduler. It is a very civilised way to blog!


  2. Mike said:

    She is quite the cut up, this Becky. 1969, wow.


  3. Paul J. Stam said:

    If those are bad teeth I sure hope she was able to get them fixed.


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