Trying To Buy A Bridesmaid’s Dress – 14 January 1999


14 January 1999, Southland, Melbourne

I took this strip of photos when I was at Southland shopping centre to look for a bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding. It was the third or fourth attempt to find something we both liked and yet it was once again unsuccessful.

I don’t much like shopping for clothes at the best of times. I think my attitude to my task is abundantly evident in these pictures.

This strip is part of the series Photobooth 41 Year Project. You can see all the posts that document the series by clicking here.

  1. Admit it: you only go shopping because there’s a photobooth at the mall… 😉

    Great, creative strip.


  2. I do admit it. In fact these days I skip the shopping entirely and just get the pictures! (And thanks for the compliment!)


    • Thanks! That wasn’t a work of his that I knew well. Thanks for reminding me of it and for the compliment!


  3. ehpem said:

    I hope you put on a more cheerful face at your sister’s wedding! I hate shopping, and malls, as well.


    • I was only cheerful cos she married a superb guy but was sad she left to live in Ireland a few months later.


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