Luscious Lips and Stylish Hats




As you can see I have three photos in my collection of this highly changeable, style-queen, Jo. I couldn’t share them with you, without also showing you the photo (below) – the one that got away – as I think it is probably the best of the lot.

It hurts to think she has been separated from the rest of her past but considering the price that was paid for her, I am sure she will be well cared for.

Update 26 February, 2013 – (I bid on the photo below at an auction but due to the ferocious competition was unable to secure this photo to add to the other three I’d already bought.)


The one that got away.

  1. poukitousse4 said:

    i like the last with white hat…like captured by her…her look…


    • Yes, indeed, Caroline. It is definitely the best one for capturing her unique style.


  2. Lisa said:

    that last hat is amazing – it looks like a cake!


  3. abhoan said:

    I love the last picture and honestly didn’t like the fact that you let it go (sad sad)
    But then again, what a great post and really like how you found such a great set..


    • abhoan said:

      I read something and thought just had to tell you about it. In a interview with TIME magazine, artist Saul Leiter said;

      “I had collections of Japanese prints, I owned Bonnard, Vuillard … it was a time when you could buy things [like that] cheap, and when I needed money I would sell them. Soames, I think, was unhappy about that. She saw her walls as the Vuillard went away, and the Bonnard went away. But my own view was that you have things for a while, and then they go off and they live in another place. They deserve to have another home.” (laughs)”


    • No, I didn’t let it go Akshay. I must rewrite the post as you are not the first one to think that. I never had her. I was outbid at the auction. Whoever bid against me had a lot of money to spend!


  4. ehpem said:

    All I can think about is how many tubes of lipstick did she go through in a month?


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