Tattoo Man – Part Three


Here is USA Tattoo Man and his friend once more . I think he is eating a hamburger but it could just be a bagel or filled bread roll, judging by his friend’s wee morsel. As with the previous posts in the series, that you can see here and here, I only own the above photo. You can see it in its original context below.

I have played with the tags in today’s edition. When I posted an image of myself eating a peanut butter dream bar,  I added “woman eating a banana” to see how may extra hits it got. (You can read the story behind why I did that, here.)  It turns out it is a rather successful ploy. My stats were very impressive for that day. So if you are here looking for a man/woman eating a sausage, or a man/woman eating a banana, sorry. You have been the victim of an extremely infantile prank – but hey, why were you searching under those tags anyway, hmm??


  1. Mike said:

    You are hysterical, you really are. I used to work with a woman who would take great pride in the way she ate a banana, but I won’t get into that, other than to say it was appreciated.
    I like tattoo man’s edgy look. I would hang out with him and his lady friend. I’d bring a banana.

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  2. It would never occur to me that people would search on those tags… Well, it may not be a sausage or banana, but at least he is eating that hamburger with gusto!


  3. ehpem said:

    You have a lot of tags on this one. I think that WP suppresses posts with lots of tags so they won’t display in the Reader. I believe the limits is 15 tags and categories combined, after which they don’t show. Easy to find out with a search of their forums.

    I also found once that a post of mine was suppressed from the Reader because that day the home page happened to show in the list of recently viewed items a blog in which I had linked to a picture of a book cover on Amazon! It took a lot of digging to find out why that happened – they were concerned about a commercial link and advertising (that they would not get a share of), so I guess if you link in your text to the wrong place, then it can keep you from being seen as well.

    Still, it is hilarious to get more views with such a silly tag. A couple of years ago I innocently did a post about pussywillows (which Americans coyly refer to as catkins) and it still gets picked up by (non-horticultural) searches. I made it one word in this comment so you won’t be plagued by such visits ;).


    • Hi Mr E. You are a mine of information. I had no idea that categories were combined with the tags. I think I need to do some research on the forums. The suppression thing is something I’d never heard of before, too. I love the pussy willows story. We live in a very interesting world!!


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