To cast this pretty child as a Dolores Haze/Lotita type is very easy given her provactive pose in the final photo of this strip. That photo,  accompanied by the previous two with her teddy bear, contradict each other so sharply that I doubt she was fully aware of the impression she was creating. Still, her expression suggests that she was experimenting with her “grown-up” persona whether or not she was conscious of projecting her budding sexuality.

These three images are very unusual in the context of photobooth photos and a valued part of my collection.


The strip is undated but looks to be from the late 1960s. It originated in the USA and measures 500 x 41 mm.



  1. Mike said:

    Good title and well described. She appears to be a young lady who is going through a transition, of sorts.


  2. Glad to see you are posting a lot again. Hope that means you are feeling better. Jon


    • To be honest many of the posts were in draft form from months ago. I am struggling a bit but over all, yes, better for the time being and happy to be connecting with the world! Thanks for stopping by, Jon


  3. Rajiv said:

    She is indeed a girl in transition, and beginning to become aware of herself


    • Indeed. I wonder what happened to her. I am always amazed at the photos that end up in the public domain!


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