Hair – 12 May 1999

photobooth12:05:1999 1

12 May 1999, Melbourne

I took this strip of photos after a meeting at the greeting card company John Sands. I was still running my own greeting card publishing business but my health was beginning to fail. I was looking for options outside self-employment but still within the industry. I am not entirely sure what I expected of the meeting but nothing eventuated from it.

I imagine this was taken in one of the Flinders Street photobooths but as I made no record of the location, I cannot be sure.

This strip of photos is the first I have posted this year from my series Photobooth 41 Year Project. You can see all the posts that document the series by clicking here.

  1. I like to imagine these were your expressions at the interview and can imagine a whole dialogue to go along with each image. From the look on your face in the last shot I’m guessing you knew there was no future with these people and were close to telling them so.


    • It wasn’t an interview per se, Ms Tattered. I’m not entirely sure what it was, even to this day! Given the strangeness of the meeting, I’d say you are quite right about my expressions revealing my feelings about it. (PS Keep an eye out for an envelope from me in your post box.)


      • I’d sure like to know what they said to illicit that first expression.

        Eeeee…goodie. Snail mail!


  2. Mike said:

    As they say in British parliament, Hair Hair!!


    • Thanks Lisa. I look after it better these days and it is longer now. I do quite like my hair!


  3. gpcox said:

    You are a hoot, young lady. Keep up the good work, Katherine.


    • Thanks GP! I have to confess that I mostly just look at the pictures in your posts as my energy to sit up for long often fails me. I did read all of your post today, it being such a special anniversary. Could I ask what a “charm” is in reference to the food the lads were given? Also loved the other trivia about Rommel’s Asparagus etc.


      • gpcox said:

        Charms were a candy and I suppose they felt the mere word might bring them luck, like a rabbit’s foot (only edible). 😉


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