Sister, Nephew, Me – 6 June 1999


6 June 1999, Chadstone, Melbourne

This is me with my six week old nephew, Calvin and my sister, Sue. It is a coincidence that this photo was taken exactly 15 years ago today. Well almost. I was actually going to publish it on the 7th of June (tomorrow) until I noticed that I was writing the post so close its anniversary. Needless to say, Calvin is now a strapping lad of fifteen who is getting up to all the kinds of mischief a 15 year old should.

This was taken at Chadstone Shopping Centre where there was once a black and white chemical photobooth, which is sorely missed. You can see an earlier photo of Sue and her son in a photobooth here.

This strip of photos is from my series Photobooth 41 Year Project which documents my life from the age of 11, through photobooth photos. You can see all the posts in the series by clicking here.

  1. John said:

    That baby wants nothing to do with the camera! So cute, hey it’s June 5th, silly!

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  2. He’s got such great expressions. Has he ever been in a photobooth since then?

    Was watching Hard Day’s Night last night and had forgotten about the part where the Beatles hide in a photobooth. It would be nice to think that somewhere out there are shots taken in that booth during the shoot of the guys and crew.

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    • Hi Ms Tattered! Yes, that is a wonderful thought. They would go for thousands if ever offered for sale!!!!

      Calvin has been in many, many photobooths since this was taken. He lives in Dublin and so I hardly see him and his sister but when I do, we always visit a booth at least once. My sis sends me strips most years for my birthday present. A gift like that is the BEST present she could ever give me.


      • That’s nice to have a series of shots of him.

        I wish I’d paid closer attention to photo booths growing up. I was only in one twice. Stupid to have passed them by. Could have taken some fun photos with friends.


        • Yes, that would have been great! Even with my interest in booths, I was never inside them often enough until I was well into my 20s. (Even then I wish I used them more but they were expensive for me at the time, so had to ration visits.)


          • Yes, I think the expense, which now seems like a pittance, was often the problem. If I could do it over I’d have spent the money for the memories.


  3. Can you email a list of old style chem b/w booths in South Eastern suburbs ? I used Chadstone when it was there and still use Flinders Street on occasion.


    • Apart from the ones at Flinders Street, I only know of the outdoor one on Chapel Street. If you know of any others in Melbourne, let me know. Sorry I could’t help you Damian.


  4. Katherine: “Come on, Calvin. Look at the camera!”
    Calvin: “Mum!!! Get in here!!!”

    Katherine: “Smile!”
    Calvin: “Mum, what is Auntie’s obsession with Photo Booths?!?!”
    Sue: “It’s okay, Calvin, look at the camera and smile!”

    Katherine: “Calvin, face the camera dammit!!”
    Calvin: “I ain’t gonna look!”

    Katherine: “SMILE!”
    Calvin: “I still ain’t lookin’! Mum!!!!”


    • Love that Ted, thanks! He loves his Aunty so he cooperates these days but he has gone back to being hesitant,(teenager style), after being a good poser for years.


  5. CrazyGuyinThailand said:



  6. Great photos Katherine. I hope Calvin’s mates don’t see it though or they might give him some grief!


    • Hi Richard! Almost no chance of that. I don’t think anyone of my friends or family look at my blog much (if at all), so don’t think any of Cal’s friends would be aware of this. Even if they did, I think he’d enjoy the notoriety! Thanks for all the “likes”!


      • That’s a shame, they don’t know what they are missing! Sounds like Calvin’s secret is safe then.

        You are very welcome.


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