Danger Is My Business


Real Life Cool McCool?

♫♪♬♩”Oh!… Double Oh… Cee Double Oh… Cee Double Oh Ell. Cee Double Oh Ell, Mack…Cool Mc Cool! Danger is his business”𝄫♬♪♪

While this isn’t the greatest of photobooth photos, I love it as the subject reminds me of Cool McCool, one of my favourite cartoon characters as a kid.

Cool McCool was an animated series that ran on NBC from September 10, 1966 to August 30, 1969. It was created by Bob Kane – most famous as one of the creators of Batman. McCool was voiced by Bob McFadden who was also responsible for the voice of  Milton the Monster, another character I loved. The theme music is also a childhood favourite. Have a look at the video, below.


Cartoon McCool – my man!

And again! ♭♫♪♬”Oh!… Double Oh… Cee Double Oh… Cee Double Oh Ell. Cee Double Oh Ell, Mack…Cool Mc Cool! Danger is his business”♯𝄞♬♪

  1. You’re right, he does look like the character. And I have no memory of that show, but after watching the video there’s this faint glimmer of some recognition.

    NBC. What did that stand for in Australia? Here in the US it’s the National Broadcasting Corporation.


    • Hi Ms Tattered! It was a North American series so it is your NBC. We have the ABC here (as you do there also, I believe) Ours is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. I don’t remember there being any locally made or even British cartoons on TV when I was growing up. They were all from the USA.


      • I wonder if your ABC showed a lot of the same shows our ABC showed. If so, some really bad stuff. ABC was the lowest rated network for a long time.

        I have to admit, like Ted, my cartoon watching was in earlier years. HUGE fan of the Flintstones, Jetsons, Top Cat, Yogi…basically all the Hanna Barbara stuff. At the movies it was Tom and Jerry, Tweety and Sylvester, and of course Bugs. But the all time best was Bullwinkle.


        • I think that this series would have been around the same time as the Jetsons and Bullwinkle etc. Guess it depended on which channels you were allowed to watch as a kid. Our ABC has very high quality programming. It is government funded and has no advertising. We as a nation are very proud of and protective of our “Aunty ABC”.


  2. I agree with Tattered. I have a faint glimmer too, and “Danger is my business” sounds familiar, but I was way out of the sat morning cartoons phase by then. The photo could be Mack McCool’s inspiration… what a cool dude. Any idea of the time or place of the photo, Katherine? I would love to see all 3 or 4 pics from that strip. I’ll bet that tie was pink or baby blue.


    • Hi Ted. I think this photo would be from the 1930s. I love the idea that he might be wearing pastel colours in his tie or shirt.


  3. peersea said:

    You’re rendition of the theme song and general excitement about this cartoon and the Milton the Monster cartoon, made this post a special one for me Kate.


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