Cheeky Lad of My Heart

This sort of kid has the type of cheeky personality that I love, but having said that, I am secretly glad I don’t have to teach or be a mother to him!

These pics are from the USA and are undated but look to be from around the mid 1970s. They are standard size photobooth photos.

  1. That final picture is brilliant, his eyes look like they are going to pop out of his head!


  2. peersea said:

    Had to laugh at the third photo. Loved the contrast between that and his entirely normal-looking expression in the first. His efforts would’ve given his friends a laugh too no doubt.


    • I bet he had had a lot of practice making his friends chortle with this type of display. I think he would have been well into teaching a few others his best faces. xxx


  3. Now That’s the way you do a Photo Booth! That’s some expressive face.


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