Dublin Airport – 27 December 1999



27 December 1999, Dublin Airport, Dublin

This large format photobooth photo was an option that was quite rare for chemical booths when they were more prevalent than the now ubiquitous digital booths. I was on my way to Berlin for the Year 2000 celebrations and found this booth near the check-in at Dublin Airport.

The photo measures 90 x 135 mm.

These come from my series Photobooth 41 Year Project. You can see all the posts that document the series by clicking here.


  1. Wow… that is a big pic… of course, I had to convert the mm’s to in’s, since you insist on using the metric system. Fun to see a color one with that lovely red hair.


    • He he. I used to do quilting and did all of that in inches as most of the books and special rulers come from the USA, otherwise gotta stick to the modern world alternative!! 🙂


  2. peersea said:

    A trip to Berlin to see in the new millennium sounds like a great way to have spent a NYE. Can’t remember what I was doing, but I can guarantee it was less exciting!


    • Oh, Peersea, that is tragic that you cannot remember! Put on your thinking cap and try harder to work it out. You MUST have done something worth remembering. 🙂


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