Lori and Me – Part 4


Donna (blonde) and unidentified friend

In this fourth instalment of Lori and Me, we have Donna in a photobooth with two friends. None of the photos identify any of the girls but one friend, Mona, is identified in later photos from the series. Comparing these to the previous post, Donna is again looking slightly older and in my opinion, she is becoming more and more beautiful.

All of these photos were taken somewhere in the USA but none of them are dated, unlike others in the series.

Donna is photographed with many boyfriends and girlfriends over a period of 4 years from 1969 to 1973 in a large series of photobooth photos. To see the rest of the posts in this series, please click here.


Donna and Mona


Donna and unidentified friend (with Mona in third photo)


  1. John said:

    So fascinating! Makes me wonder where they are, what were their lives like. Locked my new domain this morning by the way LOL! Have an awesome day. 😊


  2. WHERE IN THE HELL IS LORI!!! Donna is now a full blown teenager… probably 17? Acne and ‘flipping the bird’… telltale signs. Love the strip with Donna and Mona popping their heads in.


    • Great comment, my Uncle Ted. Yes, where is Lori? Why are you the only one who cares about her??


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